1. Marketing Deep Dive into SEO and SEM

    2022-06-02 18:35:00 UTC
    WRITTEN FOR GENUINE ALASKA POLLOCK PRODUCERS:  SEO is a concept many marketing or communications specialists know, but do we truly understand each and every step that goes into effective and strategic SEO? In the past year, GAPP has begun working with our PR firm, Ketchum, on our SEO and…

  2. Exploring the Possibilities of Wild Alaska Pollock: Through the Eyes of a Zennial

    2022-05-10 02:15:55 UTC
    *WRITTEN FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF GENUINE ALASKA POLLOCK PRODUCERS (GAPP) Wild Alaska Pollock comes in a variety of different product forms, but those of you in the industry are not surprised by that, right? It’s an incredibly versatile fish. By diving deeper into the different ways people can utilize our…

  3. 5 Programs that are Useful for Content Creators and Graphic Designers

    2022-04-05 16:48:00 UTC
    If you’re into social media and graphic design- listen up. After a couple of years spent in the content creation business, I’d like to think I have some pretty good leads into how to make your digital marketing job easier and get the timing-consuming tasks done so you can focus…

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